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Azienda Agraria Anfossi

The azienda agraria Anfossi is located on the plain of Albenga on the western riviera of liguria in north-western Italy.

Quality And Efficiency

The characteristic terrain in the region of Liguria has been a tough proving ground for generations of farmers who have had to refine strategies to develop increasingly effective farming equipment to increase production and that guarantee quality superior to all other products, which is the only way of surviving against the cut-throat competition. This has consequently led to an almost maniacal search for quality and ever more effective good agricultural practice with everyone guarding their own “secrets” passed down from generation to generation.

Hectares Harvested

An area that could make the large north Italian estate owners smile as to all intents and purposes they are agricultural industries these days, but nevertheless it represents an “ENORMOUS” amount for a region like Liguria. The farm has a company-owned area and a contributors’ area which are constantly increasing; the plots of 43,055 sq to 107,640 sq are extremely fragmented which means extremely small and delicate machines that preserve the quality of the products are used for harvesting.


Our contributors have created synergy with our unique company that allows us to identify and intervene in solving all of those inevitable unexpected events that affect country life. Furthermore, they are all motivated by a healthy spirit of competition that pushes each contributor to produce basil that is “better than the neighbours” and always reaching higher quality levels than in previous years.

Use Of Phytochemicals Reduced To A Minimum

Although the use of phytochemicals has already been greatly reduced, Anfossi company applies treatments well below the tolerance threshold and only if STRICTLY NECESSARY, preferring to combat pests effectively by using natural means rather than chemical products by selecting a variety naturally resistant to plant disease or using farming methods that do not create conditions in which disease develops.

Drip Irrigation

This is the most important farming practice used to avoid conditions for fungi to develop being created. This type of irrigation was developed for much more profitable crops but is also applied to our fields because it allows us to measure the exact quantity of water required for the plant and ONLY the plant, avoiding puddling that creates the perfect microclimate for bacterial and fungal diseases.

Research And Development

The company is always looking for resistant and productive varieties that still preserve quality, and this is why we are in contact with all of the most important seed production industries. We work with them to test stress resistance and analyse the data obtained from dedicated experimental plots.

Azienda Agraria Anfossi
Certificato BRC

The initials D.O.P. stand for "Denominazione di Origine Protetta", an EU certification awarded to food and wine products whose characteristics are determined by their region of origin.


Via Paccini, 39 - Fraz. Bastia 17031 Albenga (SV)
Tel. +39 0182 20024
Fax +39 0182 21457

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