Certified superior quality P.D.O. controlled by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry using certified institutions.

Total traceability to the field of harvest and the name of the contributor who harvested the product, correlated and completed by a field logbook with the history of all of the farming and cultivation operations carried out, by all information that is digital and available in real time, and can be found directly using the Q.code on your products.

Advice on how to obtain the D.O.P. mark quickly and without fail so that it can be clearly shown on the

Storage and conservation service with planning of consignments to avoid problems for the buyers with broken stock who often have problems buying D.O.P. raw materials rather than standard ones.

Opportunity to use oil directly selected by the client who wants to give his or her semi-finished goods a particular flavour for a wide variety of uses.

Use of rock salt (salt mines) instead of the more usual sea salt in order to avoid the always alarming and annoying problem of iron powder residues found in salt conglomerates and so subsequently dissolved in the finished product.

Constant monitoring and updating of all of the most modern conservation strategies and problems with foodstuffs by our specialised department.

Azienda Agraria Anfossi
Certificato BRC

The initials D.O.P. stand for "Denominazione di Origine Protetta", an EU certification awarded to food and wine products whose characteristics are determined by their region of origin.


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