We move any product the client needs in variously sized packs but still rigidly maintaining the quality even during long intercontinental journeys.



This is the best choice to lower costs by easy and convenient management. The goods are kept in the dark in a natural vacuum to avoid oxidation in the oily fat phase, preserving the quality perfectly. The internal bag is composed of technical food processing material with very low permeability to oxygen (1 pallet 1 pallecon) 115×115.



The ideal solution for the Italian market and industrial caterers who need BRC or IFS movement that allows the introduction of only steel during production. (1 pallet 1 tank) 115×115.


BAGS 12 Kg

Ideal for small caterers that need to prepare small portions of the product without quality being degraded over a long period. Here too there is no contact with light, the product is an aluminium foil bag, and the technical material used is impermeable to oxygen. The bags are placed carefully in a container suitable for transport on the 100×120 sized pallet, and 1 pallet = 48 bags in total.


TUB 5 Kg

This is the best format for all those distributors who supply private caterers or professional refreshment services where the cook needs fresh basil for hand-made pesto toppings and/or cooked dishes. The tubs are stacked and wrapped in stretch film that prevents them moving. 1 100×120 pallet = 85 tubs.



Azienda Agraria Anfossi
Certificato BRC

The initials D.O.P. stand for "Denominazione di Origine Protetta", an EU certification awarded to food and wine products whose characteristics are determined by their region of origin.


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